12:13am 11-24-2019
Josh mitchell
What’s good Tom just sitting here thinking bout them good days wish things went back so we could mess around again adulthood is getting harder as the years go by I now understand what them old ppl meant when they used to tell us things ain’t like the good old days damn bro I walked through town to go gym other day n things ain’t like them good old days what I’d do to go back miss them days in Sega park on the punch machine and just acting dumb miss u Tom till we meet again Harlows top boy always
5:36pm 06-05-2018
To Mel and Ammy, We’re all so proud of the strength you’ve maintained over the years especially you, Mel. We haven’t met yet but hopefully we will get there in time and support those going through the dark roads we’ve come through. Love.
1:04am 09-01-2016
Love you bro. Till the stars burn out in the sky.
2:06pm 03-13-2016
Miss you like mad Bro.
I need you right now.
Help me be strong and happy.
Lead me in the right direction!!
Always in my heart
7:37pm 05-31-2015
Harlow top boy rip
Miss you Tommy boy top man never be the same m8 the little town crew outside paddas and zac both missed by everyone rip top man until we all meet again RESPECT XXXXX
10:56pm 04-25-2015
harlow top boy rip
top boy tom rip missed badly man by many of the boys love ammy boy aswellxxxxxx )xxxxxxx
4:28pm 10-25-2014
Rip top man :;))))) xxxxxx
11:13pm 10-20-2014
David Akinsanya
3:16am 10-19-2014
Top Man love you mate xxx rip
7:03pm 09-04-2014
r.i.p top boyy
Rip tommy never forgotten top man fuck all the haters
9:12pm 07-12-2014
top boy
Rip missed by many people what a decent fella gone way too soon never forgotten xxxxxx
11:42am 07-09-2014
r.i.p top boyy
Rip never forgotten top boy xxxxxx
7:22pm 06-07-2014
R.ip tommy xx
6:59pm 05-13-2014
Ammy jones
1:43pm 05-05-2014
R.i.p tommy why do people think it's Ok to write stuff like that here tommy was a proper fella so you will get haters I love tommy and ammy people are so narrow minded everyone is on a hype when they are young its part of growing up a top man was taken from us but never forgotten a true solder and geeza all ways make you smile when having a tear up with ammy boy lol rest in peace tommy
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