6:10pm 04-13-2011
mum mel
love you son and miss you sooo much their is not a day gos past when i dont think of you its not right that you are not here with us being with your son you would of been such a good dad i know you would of he will be 4 next month he is just like you its just so unfair i love you and will never forget you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1:35pm 03-02-2011
wats going on mate so much to say i know u hear me cos i feel u still bruv trust its funny cos i know u know that i know init looooool trust but ima keep on going. stopped smoking weed yh i have .i need to need to get strong but stay wiv the fam mate. harlows top boy
4:48pm 12-09-2010
mum mel
happy 21st my boy been down the crem i miss you so much and i will always love you party hard up there with everyone babe xxxxxxx
9:19am 12-09-2010
Happy Birthday Tom... I know ur be having a good time wot every it is u get up to up there xx
2:00pm 11-10-2010
Lara.Myers ,
Tommy Boy , Not A Day Goes By When We Dont Think Of You , An Not A Single Second Can Pass. Nothin In This World Can Make This Easier . I Love You . xx
5:30pm 09-07-2010
mum (mel)
love you son and miss you like mad just so wish you was here tommy boy is getting so big double of you always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
8:29am 09-01-2010
billie xx
four years tommy,i cant believe it!! Every day someone is mentioning your name
Harlows top boy will never be replaced!! Everyone misses u like mad. Wish u was
Here with your gorgeous little tom!! Forever loved and missed r.i.p xxxxx
1:31pm 08-31-2010
lara myers x
tommy 4 years tommorah just dont seem right. all i want is to see you again! see you smiling cuddling with your son ! an one day i will when god diceds itss my timee . an i kno you will be standin at the gatess of heaven waiting for me to come, everydayyy i fink off you! i lovee you todayy more than i did yesterday an will love you even more tommorah always in my heart tommy . I Love You <3 xxxx
12:34am 08-24-2010
Omie girl
tom i am sorry if i disapointed in u for wait truble i am gettin in but i am putting my head down and turning over a new leaf! nearly 4 years it dnt seem real it seems like 1 big fucking nightmare! i just want u 2 walk thro them bback dooors as u used 2 i want u back to hug me like a big brother dus ellie is driving now i no u loved her u r both 1 in a million watch ver baby tom his turnin into a gd boy tom mis u so so much mummy dnt stop tlkin about u alfie has started to understand more and delicia misses u loads and ammy boy is doing great watch over him and make him walk n the right paths ! <3 <3 <3 <3 we all miss u and i will go up crem on wednesday love ya loads looads and always in my head boy HARLOOWS TOP BOY !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11:36pm 08-15-2010
tommy its been nearly 4yrs since your gone i still can not fucking believe it your a top boy tommy bruv never forget you R.I.P
11:33pm 08-15-2010
tommy boy i miss you so much
11:53pm 07-11-2010
tom i know ur looking down on ur best friend shaun please keep an eye on him ever since u left him people tell me hes never been the same.lead him down the right path please tom.. tommie reilly sed hello that is mine and shaun little boy and i know you would love to av met im. i know shaun misses you wen we was together he talked about you all the time, i always sed to him i wished i got to know ya. and dont worry bout ur amazing family they are doing brilliant they miss ya all the time but keepin strong xxxx emma xxxx
2:03pm 07-07-2010
Omie Jones
Tom its your sister omie here'
- Tom i miss you badly seeing baby tom the otheer daay was fuckinng amazzing'
It Was the best time iHave Had in agees' It Never Has felt the same With out you babes, iLove you wiithh al of my heart, i need you heree so Much, you were one in a million your my big brother and i will alwasy need you heere with me so just please watch over me' <3<3<3
xxxxxxxxxx iLove you forveer' xxxxxxxxxxxxx
8:53pm 05-08-2010
hi tom boi i miss u um were like a cuzzen 2 me u helped me when i was in trouble and i never quite sayed thanx but im very gratefull tom ma cuz shauny is a great dad to baby tom there a spitting image of each other any way i bet a let u go and sunbave up there miss u tommy jones xxxxxxxxxxxxx
12:42am 03-27-2010
Margaret Mc Combes
First i wish to send my deepest sympathy to the family of Tommy.and to let them know i totaly agree with( LIFE FOR A LIFE) being a Grandmother of two Murderd family and i are attending a march for all Murderd victims in London on the 3rd of May plz come everyone is welcome if you wish contact me on my Email my thoughts are with you R.I.P Tommy Xx
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