6:04pm 03-25-2010
Ella Findlay
I did not know Tommy, But i lived in Harlow when he died. He is 5 years older than me and my love goes out to his family. Must be hard even now. My boyfriend knew Tommy and wishes he was still alive. Will never be forgotten mate!

Much love Ella Findlay & Craig Harrison.
11:52am 12-09-2009
lara myers x
tommy i know we have not skope in long and its really hard today but happy birthday tommy we all love you and miss you more than words can discribe but happy birthday mate . life is hard down here tommy but i kno that your watchin us all i love ya tommy thats all i can say love ya tommy xxxxxx we miss ya so much tommy u actully dont understand i love ya xxx happy birthday xx
11:13pm 10-20-2009
hello babe
i known i aint been on here in a while but u know what im like
i'd rather speak to u then write i hope u been hearing me when im talking to u coz i do it every single day . i was thinkin about a time down town park when we had to run before po po came coz we were all drinkin i remember u was more worried bout everyone else getting away than urself . god i miss them days they were so easy compared to everything now it makes it easier talking to u at nite even though u dont answer and u probably think at times this girl is crazy , which i already know i am , its jus comforting knowin i can still tell u wats goin on with every one . make sure u watch over ur mum , ami, omie , delisha and alfie babe
love u lots like jelly tots
krystle aka kridle xxxxxxxxxxxx
12:17pm 09-26-2009
Omies birthday just passed, she was centre of attention....just how she likes it haha. We missed you. I will make sure baby Tommie grows up knowing all about you, all the stories All my memories of you are so precious. You and Shauny, Shaun with his thick blonde curly hair and you twice his height you were inseperable. Look after Shaun Tom, you know where he is!! love you forever. Always ALWAYS in my heart trouble, <3
11:43pm 08-31-2009
three years today we lost the most handsome beautifull boy in the world.
how much i miss you you will never no. i love you tommy so much and just to let you no your going to be an uncle x
2:41pm 08-15-2009
people say death gets easier in doesnt we just learn to deal with it better.
R.i.p tommy forever missed.xx<3
1:53pm 08-07-2009
Tommy J
Living easy
Loving free
Season ticket for a one way ride
Asking nothing
Leave me be
Taken everything in my stride
Don't need reason
Don't need rhyme
Ain't nothin' I would rather do
Going down
By the time
My friends are gonna be there too, eh

I'm on a highway to hell
On the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell

No stop signs
Speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel
Gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me 'round
Hey Satan
Paid my dues
Playin' in a rockin' band
Hey momma
Look at me
I'm on my way to the Promised Land, wooh

I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell

Mmm, don't stop me

I'm on the highway to hell
On the highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
On the highway to
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell
Highway to hell
Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell
Highway to hell

And I'm goin' down,all the waa-ay-aay, wohh
M-on the highway to hell
6:25am 08-01-2009
Starting to feel the nerves about your big day next week Tommy boy. Want everything to be sooo perfect for you. Not a day passes when you dont drift into my mind at least once.

It isnt fair you cant be here in person...I miss you, we all do

4:12pm 06-16-2009
Shauny boy's gonna be a daddy in a few hours Tom Emmas in labour wish you were here to meet baby Tom but I know your watching xx
1:03am 05-29-2009
Thats right Mel, he will never be forgotten!! Love you Tom, Love ya Mel xx
10:29pm 05-17-2009
mum mel
missing you sooo much son i am sitting at home thinking if you were here wot would we all be doing now i dont think i would be where i am in my life now if you were here things would be so diffrent i would be diffrent i am trying so hard but dont seam to be getting anywhere things are so up and down i wish i could talk to you like i did towards the end we were getting so close you was my rock though tough times shaun took us out for a meal the other day he was and still is so loyal to you your best mate and his baby will be born soon little tommy your name will live on and you are never gonna be forgotten with a lot of people i love you my boy always and forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3:23pm 05-14-2009
Watch over Shauny boy Tom, you know what I think about everything.....keep him out of trouble!! Love and Miss you xxxxx
11:32pm 05-02-2009
Bradley Moon
Harlows top boy summin just sprung to mind tom dont know quite what to be honest bruv but just come on your site still thinkin bout you towns not the same every1s broke away from each other new people movin in and that from london.
miss you boy x
12:41pm 04-20-2009
tom i never know u that well but want i heard about u that u was a good man and that every one thought the world off you and some cunt came and took that from u and ur famile . sorry you never got to see your lil man grow up but he know your there in his heart your a good man tommy . we all miss you hun
1:50pm 04-17-2009
mum mel
well my boy auntie pam has just died i cant belive it another best one gone just like that x ilove you son and if you see auntie pam give her a kiss for me and tell her i love her xxxxxxx
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