10:39am 11-21-2008
Omie Jones xxx
tommy i love you so much missin u 4 eva lots&& lots&& lots of loves omie
10:33am 11-17-2008
Jacie '
Tommy '
For Now and For Ever
I Love && Miss You . . .
8:57pm 11-11-2008
Jess Billington
Didn't know you babes but you seem like you were a down to earth lad who got punished for no reason. Obv heaven needed another angel. Hope your tight.

12:24pm 10-30-2008
leah atcheson
tommy we all miss you i wish you cold be hear now so i cold see you face one more time i mis you love leah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10:33am 10-24-2008
tommy baby, i miss yu nothin is the same animore, come home babe we need yu.
8:05pm 10-14-2008
Tommy babe i read through the messages and strt to cry
never knew yuu that well but knew of you a bit x
people talk bout you and your face to mind .
We miss you tom see you when we get there.
best wished ly x
2:01pm 10-10-2008
6:37pm 10-07-2008
heyy babe It is me again i wish i could be with you all the time i really do. i saw baby tom the other day omg he is so sweet i love him to bits. just liike i loved you to bits cant wait till we meet again babe xx
6:33pm 10-07-2008
Tommy Baby i miss you so much u dont understand how much!!! i wish i could be up there with you babe i realy cant stand being without you. I have so much to tell you wen i come up up there with you love you loads xxx
6:04pm 10-05-2008
jemima daniels
tommy my heart is broken i miss you so much and every time i hear your name it makes me want to drop to my knees and cry xx me and jamie.m went to the park yesterday and we were talking about all the good times and he started to cry it proves everyone is missing you babes i just cant wait to see you again and for you to give me one of your special hugs like when i used to be upset remember babe xxxxxxxxxxxxx missing you babes you will never be forgotten i love you soo much xxxxxxxxx
9:06pm 09-28-2008
johny jones
i miss u so much tom i just wish u were hear with us it dont fill the same without u hear we will meet again som day
7:21pm 09-28-2008
Tommy I Finding It Hard To Belive That You Are In Heaven I Don't no What To Do I Love You So Much xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
7:17pm 09-26-2008
jemima daniels
i ask myself everyday ... why you babes your one in a million and i no you looking down on your family and friends and being the perfect little angel you always were xxxx missing you more and more each day babes but always remember your in my heart always and nothing can change that i love you soo much tommy boy and im looking forward to hat day when we meet again up in heaven when i can hold ou in my arms once more XxXxXxXxXxxXx
8:52am 09-19-2008
mum mel
2 years today son that we layed you to rest and now we are waiting for lisas funaral i just dont understand why! i miss yous so much please stay together leanne is doing so well she is such a good girl but you know that tom dont you, first you then her mum oh god why! love you to bits xxxxxx
7:23pm 09-16-2008
jemima daniels
i had another dream about u babes x it was a good one this time but it still doesn't stop the pain i feel when i think of you x i miss you soo much but i just know that we will meet again but until that day just remember i love and miss you soo much it hurts xxxx j.d xxxxx
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