10:52am 08-26-2008
Jade - shauns cousin
Still just cant bring myself to accept it. I can still hear you calling my name, you'd never let me walk anywhere alone - even though I was older than you! hehe. You'd even wait at the bus stop to catch me after college. Well I just graduated Tom, 2.1 with Honors "Radiotherapy and Oncology"! I just wish you could be here to experience everything you were entitled to experience. Taken to soon but in our hearts forever, Love to your family Tommy boy, Love ya x
5:46pm 08-18-2008
omie xxx
hello tom i miss you so much u were so beautiful to look at i have a little poem for yer i will say now if tearscould build a stair way and memories a lane i'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again lots of love omie i love u love u so so much
8:22pm 08-11-2008
mum mel
Forever I will miss you, forever I will cry,
Why did you have to leave this earth
And gain your wings to fly?
You know I loved you dearly,
More than anyone could know,
Why did you have to leave so soon
Why did you have to go?
My heart down here is broken,
And it can never mend,
Forever I protected you,
Until the very end.
I pray to God for answers,
I talk to him each day,
I hope that you can hear me Lord
As on bended kness I pray.
Take good care of my child up there,
He was much wanted here,
Wrap your arms around him please
And tell him I still care,
Let him know I love him so
And will forever more.
Keep him protected, safe and warm
And wrapped in love so pure xxx
3:48pm 08-09-2008
emma robinson
missing u so much tommy.
3:48pm 08-09-2008
emma robinson
missing u so much tommy.
1:23pm 08-08-2008
jason cranch
i will always be missing you and will never forget you R.I.P TOMMY JONES)
7:52pm 08-06-2008
sam = family
i miss you tommy, rip babe, i no your looking down on us, keep your mum strong, and the rest! we'll meet again one day! i love you n miss you x
5:37pm 07-28-2008
Hey missin ya loads n loads r.i.p. babe x wish u was still ere wiv us today yhyh ! anyways yh keep safe up there and stop drinkin all the stella in them clouds lol ! xxx lucigal xxx xx
9:15pm 07-27-2008
jemima daniels
hey babes i havent spoke to u in time missin u more nd more each dai love u loads will talk to u more nd more babes xxxx ur still my right han an babes x

jemima xxxx
4:58pm 07-22-2008
mum mel
love you and still missing you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1:22pm 07-09-2008
tommy boy.
[c=11]why did they have to take you all the people have to suffer[/c]
miss you babes x
Love You xoxox
10:57am 07-09-2008
tommys lil sister
i live you tom u made my life a speacial one babe i love u mate lots of things has happened look after denom for me listening to a song that means a lot to me hope every thing is goin well up there look down on me and of course look down on baby tom he is so big he loves looking at that picture of u and hero love u babe xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxxXxxXxX omie i am so confused y did god have to take u away from me and also mum ,mum misses u so badley love ya bye
10:41am 07-09-2008
ryan and sammie
tommy you mean everything to us tyou were our friend miss you so much babe
2:20pm 07-08-2008
omie tommys sister
5:08pm 07-01-2008
missin u tom. always in my thoughts.
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